Chloroplast Function Database II

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You can download all the data included in this project.

Predicted genes that encode chloroplast proteins (2,090 genes)
2,090 proteins with a targeting signal to chloroplasts were identified by at least 3 of the 4 different prediction programs (Richly and Leister, 2004).
All the tagged lines in the database (3,423 lines)
Among the 2,090 predicted nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins, 1,377 genes and 3,399 tagged lines were included in the database.
Homozygous mutant collections (1,740 lines; updated on Oct 31, 2012)
Among the 2,495 tagged lines, we collected the homozygous lines that did not exhibit visible phenotypes. This collection has the potential to be a powerful tool for the screening of chloroplast mutants with biochemical or conditional phenotypes
Primer pairs used for the PCR genotyping of T-DNA lines (1,371 lines; updated on Oct 31, 2012)
We have listed the primer pairs used for amplifying DNA fragments of approximately 1 kb from genomic DNA; these primers flank the predicted T-DNA insertion loci and facilitate the detection of T-DNA insertion in each gene. Over 1,300 primer pairs for WISC and SALK T-DNA-tagged lines have been designed to date.
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