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RIKEN Arabidopsis Phenome Information Database (RAPID) is a searchable site of phenotypic data in transposon-insertional mutants.

We selected about 4,000 transposon insertion lines which have the Ds transposon in gene coding region, and observed visible phenotypes systematically depend on growth stage. Phenotypic descriptions were classified into eight primary and fifty secondary categories, then all recorded images can be searched by the line number or the phenotype categories. When the phenotypic categories you are interested in would be clicked, recorded images for the mutants corresponding to the categories would be listed up. Please Try it!

Below is the reference for this site. Please contact us if you need a reprint.

  • Kuromori T, Wada T, Kamiya A, Yuguchi M, Yokouchi T, Imura Y, Takabe H, Sakurai T, Akiyama K, Hirayama T, Shinozaki K. (2006) A trial of phenome analysis using 4000 Ds-insertional mutants in gene-coding regions of Arabidopsis. Plant J. 47, 640-651. [PubMed]

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