Chloroplast Function Database II

A database of mutant phenotypes of nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins


This database provides easy access to all-inclusive knowledge data, including the information of Arabidopsis knockout mutant resources and their phenotypes for nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins. More...


  • Myouga F, Akiyama K, Tomonaga Y, Kato A, Sato Y, Kobayashi M, Nagata N, Sakurai T, Shinozaki K. (2013) The Chloroplast Function Database II: A comprehensive collection of homozygous mutants and their phenotypic/genotypic traits for nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins. Plant Cell Physiol. 54, e2 [PubMed]
  • Myouga F, Akiyama K, Motohashi R, Kuromori T, Ito T, Iizumi H, Ryusui R, Sakurai T and Shinozaki K. (2010) The Chloroplast Function Database: a large-scale collection of Arabidopsis Ds/Spm- or T-DNA-tagged homozygous lines for nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins and their systematic phenotype analysis. Plant J., 61, 529-542. [PubMed]


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Release 2 - 2,495 lines
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